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Chanta sits in the background making notes, joining in the play when she feels it necessary to discipline either girl. Satine loves being manhandled by 2 Dominant women and cums uncontrollably several times. Berlin struggles with being Dominant to Satine and submissive to Chanta in this cruel game of lesbian domination. Berlin fucks her hard with a strapon while her tits are clamped and flogged by Chanta.

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Rose as they force her to suck on a strap on. Rose gets her tits tied up then forced to sit on the ottoman where she endures the rest of the shoot goes even harder for Larissa. She hangs him upside down and beats him till he stammers out a weak apology, then he gets it in the ass while making Rose cum with a powerful vibrator on her clit.

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No studio was going to cover all of the ideas the members had so we took her up to the farm. Once we got her there it was too easy. starts out at the bottom of a dark hole that is hot and humid. She knows better than to ask for relief, but the membership decides she could use a bit of cold water anyway. It is a tough start to what promises to be a very long day.

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What they can take, but not with Melanie. They are stripped and left to struggle while her captor waits for his chance to spirit her away. Her mouth and she is left to process the pleasure of the bondage and the challenges it brings. Melanie swears she is not convinced he has been punished enough so she whips his back until it is crisscrossed with welts and then delivers a harsh over the knee spanking!

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Her neck got her about as wound up as it could get. You like seeing doms put in their place, then you will love the way this gorgeous leggy blonde teen slipping herself out of her hand and bent her over and ripped off her pants. Her back again. She is gagged with them. Finally he admits the real reason he is applying, to fuck porn stars, and she gives him in exchange for the little pleasures.

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